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Pregnant Woman Accuses SARS: "They Did Not Allow Me To Wear Anything... They Were Touching Me" (Watch Video)

A pregnant woman who was arrested by the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad or SARS, has come out to share how she was constantly and blatantly violated by men of SARS while she was arrested on allegations of prostitution.

The lady who was speaking to news men while being paraded alongside other women, said that the men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad had stormed her house in the night while she was sleeping, they broke the door and forcefully entered her apartment.

According to her, the policemen did not even have the decency to ask her to dress up, they took her like that and began to touch her indecently while making fun of her body.

She went further to deny all allegations that she is a prostitute. According to her, she is a businesswoman who sells ladies bags in a popular Lagos State market. The lady revealed that she was a mother and was pregnant as at the time she was harassed and abused by the SARS officers.

Her statement and allegations has infuriated the Nigerian youths who are asking for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unit to be brought to an end due to their incessant harassment of Nigerian citizens and their many violations of human rights.

In the past few days, protests to put an end to SARS have erupted in major cities of Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Anambra, Edo State, etc.

Although the Nigerian government has banned members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad from embarking on patrols and other duties, the young Nigerian citizens say that that is not enough as they need the whole outfit scrapped.

Watch Video Below:

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