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Schools Might Be Closed Down Due To The Following Reasons

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Today we will be highlighting reasons why schools might be re-closed by citizens.

If we must be honest with ourselves, we know that the state of education in the country is not in a good form, there are many things to note and that's what we will be discussing today.

Schools might be closed down due to the following reasons;
1. So many students are still unable to resume school in some part of the country where the flood had to destroy their schools and nothing has been done.

2. Teachers have failed to resume back to school because they are afraid, and health care in so many schools is still questionable.

3. Many private school fails to resume because they can't afford to meet up with government guideline and parents can not afford to pay a huge sum as school fee to help the schools.

4. Many parents are still looking for money to pay for school fees due to a lack of work over the months, therefore, leading to their words still staying at home.

5. Many parents have withdrawn their children from school due to a rise in health concerns.

These key points are few among so many others, so if these cases are not been looked into the maybe a call to re-closed school till things are put in place.

However, both school owners and the government need to work for the firm and safe reopening of schools and if good measures are not put in place schools might be closed down.

What are your thoughts concerning these reasons why a school might be closed? Drop your comments below. 👇👇👇
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