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"See my house, e don full" - Woman Rejoices as She Carts Over 10 Cartons of Indomie and Other Items (Watch Video)

Too many reprisals by gangs and delinquents have been set differently in numerous areas of Lagos immediately after the incident on Tuesday, which has been labeled "Black Tuesday". 

A lot of arsonists were activated overnight on Wednesday and so many personal and government assets were burned. 

Moreover, the palace of the Oba of Lagos, Oba Akinolu, was also desecrated. 

Some hooligans made away with his staff, with others with the royal slippers of the king. 

Today the mayhem keeps going. After hooligans began bursting into storage facilities in Lagos, they were followed soon after by other inhabitants of Lagos State who saw food products contained in the storage facilities.

A certain woman on Twitter made a post on Twitter where she revealed what she managed to make away with from the palliatives looting.

There were at least 3 sacks in the video, over 10 cartons of Indomie noodles, several cartons of pasta and many more.

Watch Video Below:

Hopefully, so many others will enjoy from her share of the spoil.

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