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Serious Advise Needed! Should this lady Abort her Baby Or Leave It? (Screenshots)

Read Her and Advice her like a sister please. 

I have a lady friend that is currently 2 or 3 weeks pregnant or so. The issue is just complicated mehnnn..

The guy she got pregnant for has not been available for some weeks now, all effort to reach him proved futile. I remember chatting with the guy some weeks ago, he said he got into a debt and it is possible he commit suicide.

I advised him not to give up because life still has more to offer, he should not just give up.

We haven't met physically before, it was via nairaland then whatsapp. We met through nairaland because I pass a contact to him and from there we started chatting on whatsapp. 

So later on, he requested I send him a lady number because he was bored and always alone. I have this lady friend that we chat well, I introduced them to each other and they got along so good, As in so well..

Since Sept 3, this guy number has been unreachable though he told me that anything may happen as he is into a debt.

Now 'wahala burst', the lady chatted me last week or so telling me she is feeling as if she is pregnant. I was so surprised and couldn't just figure how it happened. 

She said they slept without protection and I asked her why do such, she just said they have known each other and so they felt they should do it without... 

She used a pregnancy kit and it was positive. She decided to keep, she said she doesn't wanna abort her baby, I was glad with that atleast, but now she is just confused, she is feeling as if she should abort the baby.

Reason is, the guy is not available. The last time I messaged the guy, I was lucky to get a reply from him telling me that he couldn't reply because he was in prison.

 And since then, his number wouldn't go again till now, this lady is just confused. Her parents lives in the south but she is in Lagos.

Honestly, I don't know what is gonna happen. Even as at now, she is still looking for a job and things are not working fine for her at all.

The thought of no job, guy isn't reachable, we don't know what might have happened to him, those thoughts are making her Consider abortion. 

I have been making research even with out her knowledge and found out that the guy is in a big mess. Very big mess.

 Yet I still can't find a way to reach him or his family.. He told me his family stays at osun and he stays at osun too but he comes to Lagos because he has a place in Lagos to stay.

Men and women, please what can she do?

I am just confused oo. So confused. The thought of the guy not knowing he has a baby coming up somewhere bothers me. 

1st screen shot was his reply

2nd screen shot was my conversation wit the lady

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