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This is end of the World! Yahoo Boy Begging Lady for Shit On Facebook (Read Chat)

 Wonders shall never end, that is what we keep hearing everyday. Just when you thought you have seen the most shocking thing in life, something else pops up to invalidate that belief

I have seen the most bizarre things in life, but this one I saw this morning left me wondering what exactly is happening to this world. How come human beings don't seem to have restraints anymore? And everyday, our pursuit of money is driving us wilder and wilder, to such extremes that leaves other people wondering if these people have lost their sense of humanity.

Some minutes ago, a young lady uploaded screenshots of the conversation she had with a yahoo boy. At first, she probably must have thought that the guy had something important to talk to her about, which explains why she decided to give him her attention. But the demands the young man made left her in utter shock.

See screenshots of the conversation below:

He came up with a juicy offer for the young lady, hoping that the amount of money he promised to pay her per night would make her rush and grab the offer. But thank goodness that the young lady was smart enough to understand what it's about.

These yahoo boys are becoming more and more daring with their pursuits everyday, and in common cases, women are usually the prey for their sacrifices. Their ploy is to promise the lady a mouth-watering amount of money to have their way with her. And most times, these ladies don't even live to enjoy the money they were paid.

Sometime ago, there was a video of a mad girl trending online. She was spotted being dropped from a jeep in the middle of the road. The vehicle dropped her immediately and sped off, and the girl ran mad from there. No one knew who she was or where she came from, but it was suspected that she must have been used for ritual by a yahoo boy.

There was another video of a young lady left by the side of the road by someone suspected to be a yahoo boy. The lady was so thin as if she was in the last stages of AIDS, and when previous photos of hers later surfaced online, people were shocked at how beautiful she was before she was reduced to such a dying skeleton.

These ugly incidents have become very common these days. It seems these yahoo boys have locked up their conscience, and can do anything just to make money, even if it means wasting another human's life.

That is why our ladies really need to be careful these days. All that glitters is not gold, know a guy very well and his source of income before you get into a relationship with him. Don't allow the huge amount of money he promised to offer you make you get into something you will regret at the end of the day, and sometimes you might not even live to tell the story. Many ladies in our society have lost their lives because of this grave mistake.

Some ladies have even abandon their struggling boyfriends to go for the glittering gold the yahoo boys brandished for them, and some of them did not live to tell the stories. But it's a good thing that some ladies are smart enough to understand the antics of these daredevils.

Imagine if the lady this guy sent this message to had accepted the offer, she would have probably ended up in a place she wouldn't be able to come out from. Please let's be guided, and stay safe from these boys.

Please share this article and spread the message so that other young ladies can learn from this.

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