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Throwback Photos Of A Boy Who Got Buried Alive In A Wall

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I want to present a bizarre story that I came across earlier.This story is about a young boy who got buried alive.

A young boy got buried when he accidentally fell in between a brick wall and was trapped there for some while.This incident was a terrible one as the trapped boy had a really bad experience.

From reports,the boy got trapped when he fell in between the walls of an old building which was abandoned and a fence.The old building became abandoned because its owner travelled out of the country.

Reports further reveal that the boy was discovered after some students who lived around the area heard the boy shouting.They were able to hear his voice from their wall which was close to their house.

Then,the next day,some kind-hearted individuals came with a ladder and checked over the fence and that was when they saw the trapped boy there.

Then,they broke the wall and brought out the boy.

See more pictures of the boy below;

In the above picture,you can see the space that the young boy fell into and the ladder that was used to confirm that he was trapped in between the buildings.

What do you think about this?
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