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Who is The Best Presidential Candidate for PDP in 2023 Among These 5 People

On strategy, there is no rest period; you must continually think about how to outsmart and maneuver your enemies.

Opposing yourself in every part of the planet means doubling your efforts and becoming exceptionally crective and calling on the masses to unseat the eyes of the present occupiers. We all saw that the APC did it in 2015 . In 2015 we saw it.

The PDP (Popular Democratic Party of Opposition) must have shopped for the right candidate in order to get it marketed to the masses on time.

In this piece, we have selected five possible names which can fly the party tickets during 2023 presidential elections.

Atiku Abubakar

Atiku did not state at all times that he would not be on the ballot again. He only said that if he had prevailed, he would not have attempted a second term in office.

Furthermore, since he still rated above the PDP, he was still interested in running under the platform on his presidential seat.

The report of insider notes that Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor, is trying to wrestle with the party leadership from Atiku, but it is not so easy.

While age is not on Atiku 's side, it is financially strong, which is a key factor in the victory of elections.

There is a strong possibility that he will again get out of the party.

Aminu Tambuwal

Another future and big party nominee is the governor of the State of Sokoto. In the presidential election in 2019 he was the favorite PDP governor but Atiku broke with money.

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives has a cult folklore in the north. Some experts actually rate him after Buhari.

He also has the financial muscle to support his campaign. His age is another gain that works for him. It's pretty young and smart.

During his time as speaker, he established contacts throughout the country on which he can now rely.

It is undeniable that he is a great presidential material.

Peter obi

If in the southeast there is an unmatched PDP nominee, he is then the former Anambra governor. He's all in the area cherished, and it's sundry.

His great success as governor distinguished him, too.

He's a wary multi-millionaire guest. He knows how to make a massive impact on little items.

If the major political parties respect the South-East by enabling them to manufacture Obi, the PDP will play a more active role.

Rabiu Kwankwaso

No other politician is as respected as the Kwankwaso in the entire northwest. Buhari 's popularity can not be compared to that of the former governor of the Kano State, also without a power of incumbency.

His Kwankwasiyya community is dispersed throughout the region. He has a multitude of supporters to get him if he continues to look at the presidential seat ..

It was claimed that he sold Kano to Buhari during the presidential elections.

In his campaigns, too, he is indescribably wealthy.

Kwankwaso would present the ruling party with the right vice presidential candidate for his popularity, particularly in north countries from which the majority of voting is cast.

Seyi Makinde

If the APC zones its south-west presidential ticket, Seyi Makinde is the PDP's only hope. For the moment, he is the only provincial politician willing to neutralize the popularity of Tinubu.

In less than a year, he has interacted with the masses both inside and outside the state. Most people love it as presidential stuff.

Among those 5 people, who do you think is the best for the party?

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