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After Davido released his album, see what Atiku said that made people blast him

After months and days of so much anticipating and looking forward to Davido's album, he eventually and finally released it yesterday night. 

The album titled "A better time" speaks great of how good and industrious Davido is, because it has enough quality contents. 

Since yesterday after the album was released, a lot of people have congratulated him and at the same time hyped the album. A lot of people have also acknowledged how good Davido is.

In the midst of all these, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, decided to also congratulate Davido and acknowledge his good work. He did this in a post he made on Twitter, see what he said below;

If you checked the time underlined, the time when he posted this, you would find out that he posted it at approximately 12 hours after Davido released the album. Now, instead of people to thank him for what he posted, or at least ignore him, they went on to blast him. 

Some of them felt that he posted this just to attract people to himself, some felt that he posted it as a means of campaigning for himself, while some felt that it was all for clout, and because of these, they blasted him. Only a few thanked him for congratulating Davido. See their reactions below;

If you read well, you'd see that most of them who commented were either advising him to drop his 2023 Presidential ambition, or telling him that they wouldn't vote for him. All these has nothing to do with what Atiku told Davido, so I wonder their reasons for saying such. Please leave a comment below on what you think concerning this. You can also tell us your thoughts on the album by Davido. 

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