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Brave Moment 2 Ladies Brutally Beat Up Arm Robber Who Tried To Rob Them In Broad Daylight (Video)

Brave Moment 2 Ladies Brutally Beat Up Arm Robber Who Tried To Rob Them In Broad Daylight...

The general view of almost everyone is that ladies are weak, fragile, hence they can easily be bullied regardless of where, when and how. Although ladies tend to be calm not all ladies are calm and can be messed with.

In a video that was uploaded on Twitter social media platform, two ladies were seen mercilessly and brutally beating up an armed robber who tried to rob them in broad daylight.

Luck was, however, not on the side of the armed robber as the attempt to rob the two ladies failed woefully. The said arm robber tried to snatch one of the lady's handbag but this went wrong as he was caught why trying to snatch the bag.

This brave moment by the two ladies should be applauded! Although the armed robber was a man with muscles and and, these ladies held their ground and overpowered the armed robber. The two ladies attacked the armed robber and were seen kicking and punching the armed robber who was struggling to run away from the grip of the ladies but couldn't.

As time goes on, crowds begin to gather as the scenario keeps escalating. All the attempt by the crowds to stop these ladies from beating up the arm rubber failed.

Video was uploaded on Instagram you can Tap Here to watch it or through the link below. 

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