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Check Out What Robbers Did To A Driver And Passengers Today In Benin City (Video)

The current state of security in some parts of the country is increasing day by day and residents in these areas can no longer sleep with both eyes closed because of fear of the unknown. 

There is no doubt that ever since the Benin Maximum prison was broken which saw prisoners escaped, the rate of insecurity and robbery in Benin has increased with no
 intervention of the Police because their stations were burnt during the END SARS protest when hoodlums hijacked the peaceful protest.

Is this how we are going to be leaving in insecurity? Just this afternoon at Third Junction, along M.M Way, Benin City, robbers stormed a car which the owner uses as taxi and robbed the passengers inside. After the successful robbery, they went away with the driver's car.

According to reports, these robbers went to where the car was parked while he was waiting for other passengers to enter and on getting there, they ordered all the passengers to alight from the car or risk their lives.

One of the robber who wore a cap went opened the door in the driver's side and told him to come down. This was done in broad daylight as onlookers and passersby could not render any help so as not to be a victim as well.

One of the passenger who is a woman pleaded with the robbers after they took her belongings as he told them she gave birth newly, but it seems their empathy was no were to be found as they forcefully dragged her out of the car.

An aged woman was also one of the passenger, as she was dumbfounded after the incident the occurred within minutes. After successfully carrying out their mission slowly and calmly, probably because they know most stations have been burnt and police will not come to scare them, they drove off with the car.

You can Tap Here now to watch the Video or click on the video link below. 

The entire people of Edo State is therefore calling on the Governor, Godwin Obaseki to come to our rescue and address the issue of insecurity currently rocking havoc in some parts of Benin, especially Upper Sokponba Road.

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