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Checkout the current voting Status of the 2020 US Elections [Photos]

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Checkout the current voting Status of the 2020 US Elections

Donald trump won the previous elections after he defeated his opponent Mrs hilary Clinton and became the United State president.

Hilary accepted and congratulated trump for his victory, If can recalled properly she made a tweet stating that nigerian government should stop killing of innocent peaceful protesters.

Despite all her respect for humanity she could not make it as a female president.

According to the ongoing update we received about the 2020 ongoing election trump might be out of office this time around.

The voting statistics shows that his opponent Biden is leading with many votes, trump cried out on his Twitter handle that people are trying steal the election and they will not allow it.

This is a sign of weakness by the president, maybe trump have not done well for Americans to deserve a second time in office.

However, we wish you all the best and we hope Americans should vote for the best between trump and biden.

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