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“Hiyo manhood yako ni kubwa vizuri and I know my sister can’t also give you this kind of sex that I am giving you” I heard my young sister having sex with my husband after arriving from work

Three weeks ago, my younger sister who was still unmarried and was still living in the village gave me a call and said she was coming to Nairobi to bring my family some food that my parents gave her to bring to us.

I was happy and since I was still at work, I told her to go directly home as my husband was at home. I had a lot of work and I could not go immediately. I finished work at around 8pm and I took a cab home.s

I reached home some minutes to 9pm and as I walked towards my house, I noticed the lights in my house were off and I got confused since I expected my sister and husband to be in the living room watching news. I arrived at the front of the door and before I could open the door, I heard some sexxxxxual moans right on the couch.

I thought I was hallucinating until I heard my sister talk sezxily to my hubby and even badmouthed me.

“Wow! Hiyo manhood yako ni kubwa vizuri! I know my sister can’t also give you this kind of szzex that I am giving you,” she said as I stood outside the door and cried my heart out.

I called my mother and reported my sister to her, and though my mother was taken aback by the szzex between my sister and husband, she told me not to worry since she knew Doctor Mugwenu who would stick them together and teach them a lesson.

I immediately called the doctor and after I told him of what was happening in my house, he cast the sticking spell. My husband and sister both started screaming in pain and I got the courage to enter the house to confront them.

They were so startled to see me and they both started crying out for forgiveness from me while still screaming in pain. Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them a few hours later and I beat my sister so hard for disrespecting me. I chased her away and my husband begged me for forgiveness and I gave him a second chance because I loved him.

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