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Hours After Biden Won The US Presidential Election See What Obasanjo Said That Got People Talking

It is no longer news that Joe Biden has won the US presidential election and many people have been congratulating him. 

Former President Obasanjo has addressed an open letter to Biden, and he said somethings that has got people talking

Joe Biden has triumphed over the incumbent President of the US Donal Trump in the race to become the 46th US President. He gained 284 electoral college votes, against Trump's 214 and he only needed 270 to win. Aside from winning the electoral college votes, Joe Biden also won the popular votes by a wide margin. Although Trump has promised to challenge this in Court

Former Nigerian President Obasanjo in his unique manner congratulated Biden in his open letter, he said Biden's victory was a victory for most people in the world. He enjoined Biden to make sure America's Economy remains the largest economy in the world.

Obasanjo's last paragraph was what got most people talking. He congratulated Biden's Vice Kamala Harris on becoming the first female, and first black Vice President of the US and that he is very certain that she has some Nigeria DNA in her.

See what people have to say about this

What do you think about this? Does Trump have any chance at the Supreme court if he eventually follows his promise?

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