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"I Am HIV Positive, This is How I Have Been Sleeping With My Husband Without Him Getting Infected"

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A woman who happens to be a nurse took to Facebook to reveal that she is positive to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).


She also revealed how she have been able to be sleeping with her husband without him contacting the virus.

The beautiful nurse made this revelation on her facebook wall. According to her profile her name is Angela Motsusi from South Africa.

According to her, her secret is that she takes her ARVs daily, attends all clinic appointments and do blood checks as scheduled.

She stressed that patients who does like her is safe to sleep with their HIV negative partner.

"I am positive and my partner is negative" - She said

This message goes to every HIV patient out there, if you are positive it's not the end of the world. Gone are those days the world has no preventive measures for HIV and AIDS.

If you are positive please play safe and enjoy the rest of your life. Please don't transmit further.