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I Was Sel€xually Assaulted By My Uncle And Lesson Teacher

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Hello Editor, 

You are doing a very great job here and your efforts should be applauded. I don't have much to say but then again, I want to plead with all the parents and older ones to be very vigilant when a child is growing up especially when you are the busy type. 

This is because these children face a lot while growing up, they are exposed to a lot of things that can ruin them. I was a victim of s€xual assault from when I was aged 5-13 years by my uncle first, and then my lesson teacher. 

I was a sad child, I had no idea of what was going on. I just knew that if I said anything to my parents would be killed. That was what I was erroneously made to think by my predators. 

This has affected me so much that whenever I try to make love, I start to have flashbacks and I would cry and hate whoever I was supposed to have sleep with. Even when I am being fingered, I don't feel pleasure. 

All I feel is pain. How am I supposed to continue like this? It is funny I gathered the courage to tell my mum recently and all she was said is that is in the past now. She can't do anything about it. 

She even blamed me for not speaking up. She forgot that I was a helpless child. I have now accepted that maybe it is the wish of God that I don't marry. 

But please parents, be very watchful. Teach these children s€x education from the early stages of their lives. Please make them your best friend so that they are not afraid to tell you anything. 

Please don't ruin the lives of your children. It is well! Once more, thanks, Editor.

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