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Just Imagine! See What the members of these choirs were caught doing in church

A image of two choristers is currently visible on different websites of social media. Within a church in this picture two choristers do some odd things.

The two choirmen took personal affairs into the church. The picture of the two choristers caused different reactions to social media.

Their ideas and views on the image of the two choirmen have already been produced. Some have responded with awe and some angrily to the picture wondering why they should do so inside the church and with their clothes on.

Some of you say that God forgives you. Some say they shouldn't have done that in the church sinfully, and others say they should be sent out of the church.

See the responses of people below:

Some say it was a disgraceful behavior, while some think that God would be gracious to them.

Do you ever believe that God is going to forgive them? Please share it with others


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  1. There's place and time for everything we do under the sun. Eccl. 3:1


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