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Remember The 17 Years Old Boy That Married His 15 Years Old Girlfriend? See Their Recent Pictures

Remember the boy of 17 who impregnated and married his 15-year-old girlfriend? In their marriage they still live together and strong.

Some years before, after he had photographed him and his friend announcing that he was 17 and marrying his 15-year-old mother, a young man targeted social media sites.

The explanation for his early marriage was that he had his 15-year-old boyfriend, Emenyeonu Obinna, and he was married to her. Most people believed they were too young to get married and soon after the child was delivered, marriages could collapse, but they showed that they were wrong and that love might rule all over.

Emenyeonu Obinna, who was 17 when he was married to his fifteen-year - old bride, now lives with her wife and has two daughters.

See some of his new stunning images from his Facebook profile, along with his lovely wife:-

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