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See What Biden Said He Will Do To All The Muslims In America If He Becomes The President (Video)

As the quest for the United States presidency continues with votes still being counted, it seems that Joe Biden is the favourite to become the next American President.

Biden is now confident to beat Donald Trump after he broke Barrack Obama's record of the candidate with a most vote in the United States election, with Obama's record sitting at 69,498,516 while Biden is at 71 Million and still counting.

Joe Biden who is about to win the United States election has made a solemn promise to all Muslims in America which he vows to fulfil if he becomes President.

Biden while saying this to some Muslims said that if he becomes president, he will treat the Muslim equally just like the Christians too.

In his word, he said;

"Be proud, be proud, I mean it. If I become President, I will treat Islam like every other confessional faith."

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