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Sexually Abused Lady Bites Off Organ Of Male Abuser, Man Bites Back

There is a saying that who the gods want to kill, they first make him mad such is the case of one 23 years old Emmanuel Akron who resides in Ghana. 

He broke into the apartment of a 24 years old student named Justina Donkor with a cutlass and locally made pistol, he succeeded in robbing the woman of her valuables which include a television set,phones and some amount of money amounting to 550 Ghana cedis. 

A sane person would have left at this point but no, the man went ahead to forcefully sleep with the woman,he still refused to leave at this point,after sleeping with the woman,he asked the woman to give him a blow job,for those who don't know the meaning of blow job. 

It involves the woman caressing his private organ with her mouth,you guys should help me ask the man what he was expecting,out of anger for the said man,the lady bites off his manhood,he is currently in hospital receiving treatment

Justina Donkor

Indeed wonders shall never cease to happen,before now,I thought funny news only come out of Nigeria but it seems our neighbours Ghana have joined the trend,continuing with the story,after his penis was severely bitten,he observed that he was bleeding profusely. 

He hurriedly left the house to an hospital named Anglo Gold Ashanti hospital for treatment,the girl on her part went to the same hospital to treat herself since she has been raped,on getting there,she saw the same man who raped her there,she quickly alerted the police who placed the man under lock and keys in the hospital bed,he will answer for his crimes after receiving treatment

Emmanuel in Hospital

When quizzed by the police,Justina narrated how she had bitten off the private organ of the man after the man had slept with her. 

She said the man drugged her and slept with her,when she woke up,she observed that the man pulled off her panties out of fear she asked the man what she wanted,the man replied that he came to steal from her,he told the man to take all he wants but he should spare her life,after taking all he could. 

He asked the woman to give her blow job so he could sleep with her again,fear and annoyance moved her into biting away the head of the male organ,she showed the police a mark on her body where she was bitten by the man,out of annoyance on the man's part too. 

He bit the woman who tried to swallow his organ,the man never see anything,I have been wondering why the man demanded for a blow job after already sleeping with the lady,was he thinking of going for the second round?

Responding to the allegations,the police said they have recovered part of the bitten organ from the room of the woman and the case is still under investigation,things are happening oo

Emmanuel Akron in hospital bed receiving treatment

The man should thank his stars that he was able to get to the hospital on time,if he had not given birth before he should forget about that,down here in Nigeria where I come from,an angry lady will bite away the whole organ. 

For crying out loud,how can you forcefully sleep with a lady,then ask her for a blow job,even if the girl is a dummy,she must pay you back in your own coin,the man got what he deserves,he must have learnt his lessons,lol....nonsense and ingredient


Rape ought to be condemned in its entirety,it does not matter who the victim is,whether male or female,sentences for perpetrators of this heinous act should be revisited so we can have lesser cases,the man got what he deserve and that serves him right

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