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Tears! A Month After 62yrs Married A 25yr Old Guy. See What Later Happened To Her

Love is everything! Although different people marry for different reasons, before you marry anyone ask yourself the motive for the marriage. This is a very big question to think about vividly before you say I do or not. Let your motive for marriage always be because of love, not because of beauty or richness as those things meant later dissapoint you.

There is time for everything in life, time to be born, time to married, time to death. Each of these are stages but we only pray that time of death should fall into our prime time in Jesus name.

Recall about a marriage that generated alot of controversy online last month? It was between 62-year old Tooran Ugandan princess named Ruth Cox Nyakairu Kugonza Amoti who married a 25 years old young man identified as Larry Richard Abaala.

Report have it that Larry was not the woman first husband as she divorce one John Kabango after she had 4 children with him. Although the reason for their divorce wasn't made public.

This marriage between the duo went viral online and gives people double minds about the reality of such wedding. Some people are of the view that the young guy marries someone who is old enough to be his mother because of money as she is from Royal family while some others believe it's love that brings them together.

After the marriage the couple's begins to enjoy their marriage life to the fullest, but unfortunately something bad happened to the 62 years wife and it wasn't any husband can pray for. There was news about the death of the woman, this was just a month after their flamboyant wedding.

The death if the woman was made publice firstly by one of her friends, Margaret Muhanga and her cousin, Andrew Nwenda. It was revealed that she dead after having some breathing issues, as report have that she contracted Covid-19 some weeks ago but finally gave to the ghost after bathling the virus for few weeks.

It's important that we should endeavour to always take care of our health. My condolences to the young husband.


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