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This World is Vanity! See Photos Of Versace Coffin Ginimbi Will Be Allegedly Buried In On Saturday

Is this vanity or enjoyment after death? Many people are living and struggling to buy expensive versace dress but a dead man to be buried in versace coffin, isn't that enjoyment even after death? Isnt this what Yoruba people called "rich men dies well"? The deceases is projected to be buried on Saturday 14th of this month.

Many dead men were accused of knowing if they were going to die or not mainly because of what they died few weeks before their death. What Ginimbi did is also suspicious. He do talked about anyone occupying his house after death.

Socialite Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure, who passed on in a repulsiveness car accident along Borrowdale Road in Philadelphia, Harare, Sunday morning, will have his excessive Domboshava house changed into a housing as indicated by his longing, close family members have said.

Ginimbi (36) kicked the bucket when his Rolls-Royce clash with a Honda Fit while driving back to his Domboshava home in the association of Limumba Karim, acknowledged to be of Malawian start, and two female partners.

He was pulled out of the vehicle following the mishap while his three voyagers were scorched to the point of being unrecognizable after his vehicle, a Rolls-Royce Wraith, went up ablaze.

Reports are that Ginimbi had three associates in his vehicle, perceived as Karim, Elisha, and wellbeing tutor cum-video-woman Michelle "Mimi Moana" Amuli — who all passed on.

Ginimbi died on his way back from a friend and a business partner's birthday party. His father said his some is a speedster, he love to speed while drive so they were not so shocked when they receive the news of his accident. However, it is really sad that he died.

His family also talk about him having gathered his wealth through unconventional means because he always said that none of his family members will occupy his mansion and that he was his statue erected in the mansion which should be converted to hotel when he die. He also alledgedly bought a very expensive coffin for himself just four weeks before his death and his friend Moana talked about her death recently on IG video.

Though the versace coffin was allegdely bought for him by a Mr Machakaire, a debuty minister in Zimbabwe. Ginimbi lived his life as if he is planning to die. 

Do you think he knew he was going to die or probably expecting death?

Do you think expensive versace coffin is vanity or enjoyment after death?

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