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Watch The Moment A Girl Slaps A Boy In Class But What The Boy Did to Her is Unbelievable (Video)

Girls are meant to be respected and treated with the utmost tenderness because of the fragile way they are known for. However, some girls misuse this opportunity and tend to abuse the privilege. 

Nowadays, a girl could easily slap a boy and if the boy tries as much to retaliate, the said boy would immediately be tagged a woman beater.

A recent incidence happened between two students in the class. A girl and a boy. Thankfully, the whole incidence was being filmed by another student. 

In the video, the girl was at first seen pushing and rough handling the boy. However, the boy kept avoiding the girl, trying as much as possible not to get provoked. 

He even wanted to leave the class but the girl won't allow him as she kept pushing the boy violently.

It was however surprising that the next thing the girl did was to give the boy a very hot slap, however, what the boy did next was unbelievable

The boy who couldn't take the slap rushed the girl with several punches and slap. The said boy even went ahead to knock this girl down against the class desks and chairs as he kept beating her up.

The girl who had slapped the boy first couldn't do much as she was now at the receiving end! Apparently, she was no match for this boy but went ahead to provoke him and even slapped him until the boy couldn't take the provocations anymore.

Tap Here to Watch the Video I uploaded it on my Instagram page. 

Now, the question is... "Is the boy right for fighting back?"...


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