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Watch What A Female FRSC Officer Was Caught Doing With 2 Men In A Moving Vehicle That Got Reactions

There are some safety measures that drivers and passengers are supposed to adhere to, like wearing seatbelts and making sure the vehicle is in good condition to minimize or eliminate the possibility of an accident occurring. Drivers who fault such safety measures will always see an FRSC officer as an enemy just as in the case below

A Female FRSC officer was caught on Camera struggling with 2 men in a moving car and this has got people talking

Apparently, the occupants of the vehicle had committed an offense and for some reason best known to the FRSC official, she got into the car may be to settle things out or lead them to the station. From the video she wanted them to halt the car but they didn't so she began to struggle to pull the handbrake of the car and the 2 men prevented her

This of course is risky because as they all struggled in the moving vehicle, they were putting their lives at risk as an accident could have occurred

Her colleague who was driving an FRSC vehicle was able to force the driver to stop

Watch Video

Please we should learn to comply with law enforcement agencies. The level of disrespect for FRSC officers may be why the government is planning on assigning guns to them

See reactions to this below

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