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Duncan Mighty accuses wife of infidelity, claims DNA test proves he isn’t the father of their child

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Duncan Mighty shared this on his Instagram page on Friday night where he called out his wife and accused her of infidelity. The name of the wife is Vivien. Duncan Mighty said that their daughter Mitchell is not their daughter. He said that a DNA test was carried out and it's obvious that she is not their daughter. He made the post on the 4th of December which was Friday.

This was posted by Daniel O. On the 5th of December, 2020. Duncan Mighty is a popular musician and he has continued to make false allegation against his wife, Vivien. He said that the daughter they both has is not his daughter. 

Duncan Mighty called out Vivien and her family out saying that she planned with her family to kill him with a sickness in order for them to take over his property.

If this story is true, i feel this woman is either senseless or the family is using her head. How would she conspire with her husband's family to bring him down just to take over his properties, when she is already enjoining them all as his wife.