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US Official Calls Out Trump On His Silence Over A Death Threat Being Issued On A Fellow Republican, Trump Reacts

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The US election which has resulted in series of allegations by the Republicans about the case of electoral fraud, has resulted in a series of vote recount lately. 

Trump has lost many states to Biden following results that are always surfacing on media. We knew how Trump has persistently refused to concede and transit power to new president elect,Joe Biden and now it seems the game is no longer getting safe.

 According to news report from a video clip which was shared on Twitter by the Brendan Keefe, A US top official, Gabriel Sterling has called out Trump on his silence over the ongoing situation in the US election.

Gabriel Sterling further disclosed that their is a death threat being issued on a top Republican tech member Brad Raffensperger.

We all knew that Brendan Keefe has earlier revealed how Gabriel Sterling accused Trump of calling Brad Raffensperger who is a devoted Republican an enemy of the people.

 However, following this case of death threat,Trump doesn't seem to be more concerned about the issue following how he reacted to it. 

Trump in a reaction to the recent development was specifically pointing out on the rigged election, and has persisted that they must expose the massive fraud which took place in Georgia.

Check the link below to access the video clip.