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3 Dangerous Mistakes Many People Are Doing While Preparing Noodles That Is Slowly Killing Them

Living an healthy life is the most very important thing for every human being, but a lot of people are causing problems to their heath due to the way they are preparing their meals.

When we are cooking our delicious meals, it is very important for everyone of us to follow the instructions given to us by medical experts. A lot of people has developed different sicknesses because they don't follow the instructions given to them when they are preparing their meals.

Today, I will be sharing you some 3 dangerous mistakes that many of us are doing while preparing Noodles. Meanwhile, if they continue doing these mistakes, it can lead to terrible health challenges.

In Nigeria nowadays, if you ask people that what is the quickest meal to prepare, the maximum answer you will get is "Nooodles".

Noodles has become a popular meal throughout the world especially in Nigeria, to the extent that some people especially small children can't stay a day without eating it. This is because it is very fast to cook than other meals. But a lot of people are doing big mistakes while cooking the Noodles, and these mistakes are very dangerous because they can harm our health. But most of us don't know these mistakes and nobody tell them.

Below are the 3 dangerous mistakes we makes while cooking our Noodles which can harm our health.

1) Noodles are food that is been organised inside a little while. So if you want to cook it, you need to soak it with hot water or boil it so as to reduce those chemicals used for Noodles protection. But many people don't put this into practice. A lot of people used to cook their Noodles and make sure that all the water is dry with the Noodles before they will drop it down.

We supposed to parboil the Noodles just like the way we are parboiling rice while cooking it, but a lot of people don't parboil their Noodles before the final process and it is very dangerous to their health because the Chemicals used to protect the Noodles can harm our health.

2) The second mistake we are doing while cooking our Noodles is using all the Maggi we found inside the Noodles. This mistake is very common among people. In order to avoid facing some health issues, you are not suppose to use all the Maggi you found inside the Noodles because too much of Maggi in our body system is dangerous.

For example, if you want to cook 3 Noodles and we all know that each Noodles contains 1 sachet of Maggi. Don't use all the 3 Maggi you found inside the 3 Noddles to cook them, rather use 2 to cook the 3 Noddles. Using all the Maggi to cook your Noodles is very harmful to your health, please avoid it.

3) When you are cooking Noodles, don't cook the Noodles alone without adding any condiment to it. Make sure you add vegetables and other condiments such as meats, crayfish or fish to the Noodles. This will make you balance the meal. Cooking your Noodles without adding anyone of these things that I have mentioned is not heplful, so try to cook your Noodles with vegetables and anyone of the condiments so as to maintain the body in an excellent form.

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