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A 53yrs old Mother Looks more Attractive Than most Young Ladies, See What to Do to Be Like Her

There are globally proven methods of slowing down the ageing process. While some people especially women make use of medications and surgery to remain ageless, others take advantage of natural methods to remain young forever.

There are very few persons around the world who have found a natural method of cheating nature by defying the ageing process.

Some of them are as follows

Pharrel Williams he is an American music icon he once disclosed how he manages to remain ageless at the age of 47. He says one of his techniques is washing his face first thing every morning with ice cold water to keep the wrinkles away

Kate Henshaw she is a nigerian nollywood actress she is 49 years old. She is a gym and exercise freak. She looks almost 20 years younger.

The latest addition to the list of ageless individuals is Yolanda Rochelle.

She is an African-American woman who is 53 years old. she is identified On her official Instagram account as @rogirll. she revealed that she is a brand ambassador and a pro-ageing advocate which explains the slow ageing process she is experiencing. Rochelle is also a lover of politics, travelling and vintage.

Although she has some patches of grey hair already but she is so attractive and sexier than most young ladies at age 30 or less.

Rolanda Rochelle has gained thousands of new followers since her photos went viral. As at the time of writing this post, Rolanda Rochelle has over 230 thousand followers on instagram and still counting.

An earlier video Rolanda Rochelle posted on social media showed she is still single but she has a grown up daughter.

See some adorable pictures of Yolanda below

There are proven natural ways you can slow down the ageing process

1. Drink alot of water daily

2. Avoid direct contact with the sun if you must then use a sunscreen lotion daily.

3. Eat alot of vegetables I.e carrots, tomatoes, carbagge, spinach etc daily.

4. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol and stay away from smoking

5. Eat alot of seafoods and whole grains.

6. Avoid fatty foods as much as possible.

7. Lastly engage in daily exercises and get at least 7-8 hours sleep daily.

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