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All Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Student Should Take Note Of This Message Before School Resumes

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Following the announcement that was made by the federal government that all school are allow resume on the 18th of January 2021, No school should be allowed to resume on Monday in my opinion if the following demand that will be listed below are not met.

Most schools, especially the public schools in Nigeria lack basic amenities such as low number of teachers, lack of basic infrastructure, lack of school equipment and others still today. For this reason, I will like to share with my fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters why I think schools should not resume if these demand are not catered for in due process.

The following are the demands that should be met be the federal, state of even local government before the reopening of schools;

1) Low Number Of Teachers : For the massive population of students especially in most public schools, the numbers of teachers are usually considered small and this could make student loss interest during lectures because there will be no one to caution them.

For instance, in the school I went to we had just 20 teacher monitoring over 2,000 students which is not fair. So I think more teachers should be employed to the education sector so students will be well monitoring especially during this pandemic period.

2) Lack Of Basic Infrastructure : Secondly, lack of Basic infrastructure is also one of the problems affecting the educational system in Nigeria. Mostly in public schools, at least over 100 students are made to accommodate just one class which cause over crowding especially during this Covid-19 period where there is meant to be ventilation in classes even if social distancing is not observed.

So therefore, more classrooms should be established by the government to reduce the number of students in each classroom which will also help in reducing the spread of the deadly disease.

3) Unavailability of Learning equipments : Unavailability of learning equipment as also been a major problem for students in most schools and this problem should be solved before students are allowed to resume.

Learning equipments such as well equipped laboratories, libraries, and provision of text books and even provision of tables and chairs to students especially during the pandemic period so as to increase learning rate which will help cover lost period of time students have spent at home.

With all the funds that is being given to the Presidential Task Force (PTF), all these demands can be met even within few months instead of only respecting the ASUU's who are going on strike for the increasement of their salaries and allowances.

Though, there is no excuse to allow students stay at home, but we should know that we can all use this opportunity to fight for the improvement of infrastructure and basic amenities in the educational sector in Nigeria.

You can also add to this discussion by dropping your comments below concerning the improvement of the educational system in Nigeria. And if you still think schools should be allowed to resume, still feel free to drop your comments below stating reasons why students should be allowed to resume.

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