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Charlie Charlie Game Allegedly Killed 6 People

As we all know, the current new trend on every Nigerian social media marketing platform now is the "Charlie Charlie" Game which is termed demonic and evil and has been banned in some countries because of the evil that follows it. 

According to Wikipedia, the Charlie Charlie Game is as a demonic modern incarnation with its origin from Spain previously called "Juego de la Lapicera" in the Spanish language. It is a magic game similar to the 8-ball game played by teenagers Using balanced papers to ask a question or get an answer from an unknown force.

To play the game, you just have to write double yes and no on a pieces of paper and play 2 pencils across each other, summon Charlie and ask him a question. The game which is termed demonic was banned by East Libyan government in 2017 after the country recorded 6 suicide deaths from people who played the game (Source: Wikipedia).

The East Libyan government blamed the suicidal deaths on the game and here are lessons Nigerians Must learn from it.

1. Nigerians must learn not to follow every trend that comes out on social media. There are many challenges and trends which can be more entertaining, productive and educating which will help us a nation if we jump on it rather than doing something demonic and wasting out time while summoning something we don't know how the after effect will be like. Don't put yourself in something that will put your future in danger just because you want to have fun today.

2. 2021 just began and others are looking for a way to push their country ahead and do something more meaningful in the new year after what Covid-19 did to us last year. It is totally wrong for Nigerian youths to start the new year with something which has been termed demonic in other countries and play with it in Nigeria.

3. Parents should warn their children from playing the game:- Thousands of Nigerian youths have currently joined the game and playing with it with testimonies that it works while many claims it doesn't. The duty of a Nigerian parent now is to ask their children to desist from the game to avoid any demonic attack that may or may not follow the game even if it's not real.

Please discourage your friends and loves one from playing the game and improve your prayer life. Let us not involve ourselves in anything that will negatively affect us in 2021.

Please my brothers and sisters, don't play the Game! 


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