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Checkout What Was Seen On The Hand Of This Hospitalised Female POS Agent That Got Reactions

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The way some hospitals look lately is becoming more of a matter of concern. Also, the way some hospital attendants treat their patients is uncanny. Hospitals are not meant to treat their patients of their diseases alone, they also need to care for them.

This girl who lies lifeless in this picture is a POS Agent in Ukaegbu in Aba. She was attacked and robbed in her shop, after which she was rushed to a hospital for treatment.

See her shop for confirmation.

As we talk about the wickedness of some robbers in the country, e should also talk about the quality of the hospitals we have and the treatments given to patients.

The information was reported by a twitter user. But some people saw something that got them emotional.

Some people were concerned about the look of the hospital, saying it is not fit and comfortable for patients.

Some other people saw something else. The lifeless lying POS Agent has her left hand tied on the bed. The reason was not disclosed by the author of the post, but one can guess that it may be to prevent her from escaping. People showed their displeasure at the sight and they condemned it.

See their responses.

Is it right to tie a patient in the hospital, especially when the patient's case is critical?

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