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Few Days to Go: See 5 Things Donald Trump Will No Longer Enjoy When He Finally Exits The White House

Presidential elect of United States of America, Joe Biden and his Vice elect president Kamala Harris will be officially sworn in as the leaders of the great nation of America after they were certified winners of the 2020 presidential election in America last year.

The current president, President Donald Trump who has been fighting to see the election overturned has finally accepted defeat and promised peaceful transition of power on the 20th of January 2021.

The 20th of January is just 13 days away and there are special benefits the current president of the United States of America will no longer enjoy after he had finally left the seat of the president.

Below are the top and interesting 5 things president Donald Trump will no longer enjoy with immediate effect after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is sworn in on the 20th of this month, January 2021:-

1:- The Beast, The Unpenetrable Presidential Car:-

United States of America has an official car that transports it's president by road and the car is called "The Beast". The name was coined after the state revealed the capabilities of the car which looks normal but isn't.

According to Google, The car has a rocket-propelled grenades, a tear gas cannon, pump-action shotguns and an armored fuel tank. It's tires are reinforced with kevlar that it can continue rolling even when it's already punctured by bullets.

2:- The Presidential Salary And Other Bonuses:-

According to Google and Forbes Official website, Donald Trump enjoys the Presidential salary which is $400,000 (approximately N156 million) annually salary. Other bonuses includes the entertainment allowance of $19,000 ( approximately N8 million), yearly expense allowance of $50,000 (approximately N20 million) and a travel allowance of $100,000 (approximately N38 million).

3:- The Presidential White House Of America:-

Every president of America lives in the official presidential house of America popularly known as the white house.

The presidential White House comes with 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, wings and royal grand halls according to Google searches. The white house has a personal chef for the president, a 4 years guaranteed security, including on the roof and ushers which Donald Trump will no longer enjoy.

The fully furnished White House also has a tennis court, a bowling alley yard, a jogging track, a swimming pool and family movie theatre in place.

4:- Life At The Presidential Camp David:-

The popular camp David is an open field with a house where the president of the United States of America goes on recreational activities which includes golfing, horse riding, nature relaxing and many more.

After 12 days, Donald Trump will abandon this enjoyment for Joe Biden after he has been sworn in as the president of the United States of America.

5:- The Special Presidential Private Jet:- The president of the United States of America flies around in a private jet popularly known as Air Force One. The jet have 100% safety record and can survive the E.M.P [electro magnetic pulse] from a nuclear detonation.

Inside the private jet, you will see a personal suite made specially for the president with an office, bedroom, a private gym and bathroom. Professional doctors and operational theatre in place also fly around in the jets with the president just incase there is an emergency that requires medical attention. This special private jet can be refilled while in the air, no need to land.

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