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Guys! When A Girl is Developing Feelings for You, She Will Give You These 4 Signs

Girls can be very secretive when it comes to expressing their feelings to a guy, they don't do it directly, they prefer to use signs, signals and cues to send their message across. So it takes a guy that has a street orientation to be able to deduce the meaning of those signs and even identify them whenever the girl sends it. 

There are some signs that girls give when they are developing feelings for you, and for you not to blow up everything, you need to be able to identify those signs and understand their meaning, so that you can act on them. In this article, I will be showing you four signs that a girl will give you when she's developing feelings for you.

1. She'll be rude to you

This is the first thing you'll notice in a girl when she's developing feelings for you, she'll become so rude to you, and would be doing to you things that other people can't do. Whenever she does this, she's trying to get your attention and also test your patience, to be able to know the best way to relate with you.

So when a girl suddenly becomes rude to you, you should know that she's developing feelings for you.

2. She'll start telling other people about you

When a girl can't seem to get your name off her mouth, and she's always mentioning you whenever she's having a conversation with people, then you should know that she's developing feelings for you. She's telling other people about you, to know what their opinion is, about you. And also to help her decide on whether she wants to be in a relationship with you or not.

3. She'll get closer to your friends

When a girl suddenly starts getting closer to your friends, or the people in your inner circle, she's trying to get information about you from them. Information such as your interests, the things you dislike, your spec etc. When you notice this behaviour in a girl, you should know that she's developing feelings for you, especially when she's asking questions about you from your friends, that's a strong sign that she's attracted you.

4. She'll start calling you "big head"

This is a common nickname that girls give a guy they are developing feelings for, it's their way of separating or distinguishing him from all the other guys that they relate with. So when a girl starts calling you "big head" all the time, you should know that she's developing feelings for you.

These are the signs that a girl will give you when she's developing feelings for you.

If you have any addition to this, you can drop it in the comment section for others to learn from it.

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