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His Corpse Allegedly Refused To Leave The Place Where He Was Killed, Read How He Died

Life is short and cruel. So, make good use of the time you have here now to touch lives, enjoy your own lives and become a beacon of hope to those around you. Death has no respect for social status. No matter who you are, or what you represent, as long as it is your time to live the face of the Earth, you will do so.

I felt so pained after reading this Story. Adams Amakiel Eguvwese AKA 10 over 10 was said to be murdered in front of his barbing salon on December 29th, 2020 by some unknown assailants. Report has it that he was shot dead and stabbed about 2-3 times by the wicked people that took away his life.

At the moment, no one know the real reason why they had to kill him but, dying in such a cruel manner is not something anyone will be happy about. 

From what I was able to gather, the deceased was a proud father of twins. A boy and a girl who are not even up to 1 year. I feel so sad each time I think about how the innocent children will live their lives without the love and support of a father. 

As part of a way to honour his memory, his corpse was taken to his store where he met his traggic end. According to a report made by Sapele Oghenek reporters, the undertakers had a tough time lifting up his corpse until some appeasement was done before the undertakers succeeded in taking away the corpse for proper burial.

Things like this are only seen in movies and rarely in real life. My best guess would be that his spirit was not happy with the way his life ended. This is a young man who had dreams, vision and a life ahead of him but, he lost his life in such a wicked way.

Below are pictures from his burial ceremony.

RIP 10 over 10, may all your killers face justice in Jesus name.

What do you have to say about this?

Why do you think his corpse refused to move from the Barbing Salon?

Drop a comment and a word of prayer for the kids he left behind.

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