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If You Want To Live Long, Don't Take Too Much Of These 4 Things Because They Harm Your Lungs

The world today is filled with many people suffering from different diseases. Most of them spend a lot of money in treating these sicknesses and yet they still go home and ignorantly continue to eat foods that cause this sicknesses.

Most people don't mind the kind of food that they eat, what they know is to keep on satisfying their stomachs but that is not good because taking some foods in excess can cause many illness or harming some vital organs in the persons body.

However, today I want us to take a look at some foods that when taken in excess will be capable of causing harm to the lungs.

Below are list of foods that when taken in excess can cause harm to the lungs:

1. Taking too much salt or salty meals.

Taking too much of salty meals is very bad for every individual because high-salt diets can trigger exercise-induced asthma. Also consuming or inhaling condensed salts can irritate the airway, causing an accumulation of mucus and coughing that could intensify the symptoms of allergies

2. Avoid excessive intake of alcohol.

Excess of alcohol is very bad to every individuals health, it causes a lot of health problems to some body organs especially the delicate organs. Also note that the intoxicating effects of alcohol can cause lung inflammation and impair a person's gag and cough reflexes and also increase the risk for pneumonia.

3. Carbonated Beverages.

Carbonated beverages are also foods that can harm your lungs.They tend to contribute to weight gain and increased bloating. This increased gas and bloating can put more pressure on your lungs. So when you feel dehydrated, feel free to take water.

4. Fried food.

Excessive intake of fried foods is not good for your health as it can led to bloating and discomfort by pushing on the diaphrahm and this makes it difficult and uncomfortable to breathe.

So please avoid the excessive intake of these foods for your own safety.

Thanks for reading. Oya tell me thank you too for delivering this wonderful article 😉 


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