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Ladies Beware! 7 Lies That Men Tells When They Want To Use And Dump You

It is now a habit for some guys to lie to ladies whenever they want to get their attention.

The lies these guys tell are so unbelievable but ladies hardly detect because the words which proceed from the mouths of these guys are as sweet as honey and smooth as cream. Guys often tell lies to ladies when they attracted to them and want to flirt with them. When a man wants to sleep with you, he wouldn’t mind promising Heaven and Earth. My sister, ensure you don’t fall for these words them because they are deceitful.

Here are 5 Common lies guys tell ladies when they want to sleep with them, if you have a book and a pen, try and note all these lies down.

1. I’m single and I’m ready to settle down I swear!

This antic is deployed by most guys who intend to play games with you and after they have gotten what they want from you, they flee. Virtually, every guy claims to be single on ladies’ inbox. A guy wouldn’t disclose to you that he is in a relationship because he knows you won’t pay attention to him. So the best way he gets you interested in him is to claim he is single and searching.

2. My mom likes you.

This is one lie most ladies fall for, it makes a lady feel comfortable and secured with you because she has gotten the biggest support she needs for that relationship to work out. Without knowing that the guy is nothing but the general overseer of cheating boys ministry.

3. I’m thinking about going to see your people

This is a lie a guy tells a lady who is unwilling to give in to his selfish demands. This lie is just from the pit of hell but you end up believing him and before you say, Jack Robinson, the operation has taken place.

4. I already told my friends about you.

This one is a very big scam o. Even if he tells his friends about you, don’t relax in the relationship as if it’s your father’s house. His friends might be calling you “our wife” so that they get you flattered. They already know the plans he has in mind and at times they are the chief advisers.

5. I won’t tell anyone

Most guys believe that if they promise to keep your intimacy with them confidential, you are going to give in. My sister doesn’t allow any guy brainwash you with this statement because as soon as they get what they want from you, they will make you a subject of ridicule.

6. Just the tip

My sister doesn’t fall for this deceitful word. This lie is right from the pit of hell and before you would say, Jack Robinson, you are pregnant.

7. My stomach is aching me and you are the only solution to my problem.

This is another common lie most guys tell a lady. They are of the belief that if they say this, the lady would get emotional and pity them. For crying out loud, what business does sleeping with a lady has with a stomach ache? Uncle, God is watching you.

I know you probably have a word or two to say about this, so feel free to share your thoughts and opinions concerning this article.

What other lies do you men tell when they want to sleep with a woman?

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