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Lady Reveals Cheap Salary A Bank Offered To Pay Her After She Asked Them To Pay Her 90k

A lady on Twitter has revealed the shockingly outrageous amount that a bank offered to pay her after she told them that she was hoping to be paid 80k-90k.

The problem of unemployment in Nigeria has left a lot of qualified graduates searching for jobs that end up paying them very little. Sometimes these graduates have to do twice the amount of work for little pay.

The rate of unemployment in the country is so high that graduates who studied professional courses like law, medicine, engineering, etc, also have to settle for meagre salaries if they want to work.

In the instant case, a young lady revealed that after she finished school, she went to work at a microfinance bank. In 2018, she had an interview with one microfinance bank which went well.

After the interview, the lady said she was asked to negotiate her salary. She told them that she was looking to earn 80-90k, which is even very low, considering what graduates in other countries get paid.

However, she said she was shocked when the head of the team told her that they can only afford to pay her 30,000 naira only. She said she became really sad and emotional when she heard the amount.

As if the humiliation was not enough for a graduate, they even told her that her commission for bringing up to 1 million naira into the bank is 1,000 naira only.

The salary would not have been enough for a graduate, because the lady revealed that out of that 30k that she was to be paid as salary, she has to pay 10k as transport.

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