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Moment Two Ladies Are Seen Fighting Each Other Publicly (Video)

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The rate at which ladies fight each other publicly these days has become so overwhelming and embarrassing, a situation whereby two adults would be seen on the street, fighting each other as though they are kids.

What is even more embarrassing is for the fact that these fights always occur between black women. These women would even go to the extent of going nude by tearing each other's clothes in this their so-called fight while crowds gather and just watch them fight on. Some even bring out their phones to record the moment.

It is with this we bring to you a similar case of two ladies (Black American) fighting each other fiercely in public. In a video that was uploaded on the Twitter social media platform, these two ladies were seen fiercely fighting each other while they also lambast each other with curse words and derogative words. Speculations from the video suggested that these ladies were fighting because of a man.

Meanwhile, as the fight ensued between the two ladies, crowds gathered to watch them fight on and did not even show any sign of remorse or empathy for the two ladies nor did they bother to separate them from fighting. At a point, some even brought out their phones and started recording the fight.

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