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Nigerian Man Takes A Lady Out, Checkout What He Did When They Got To The Eatery That Got People Talking on Social Media

It is very understandable that when two people are in anything that has to do with a "ship",either relationship, Friendship or situationship, Partnership, they are bound to occasional meet at a public place where they can share, breakfast, or lunch, but in Relationship the most Appropriate is Dinner.

According to a Picture making the rounds on social media earlier today, a young man could be seeing at an Eatery having a meal while, his partners just sat across the table looking at him.

Reason was not mentioned as to why such situation might have occured, reason being that on a normal basis it is both people enjoying a meal.

From the looks of the lady's facial expressions she looked very Unhappy about everything that is being playing out.

who knows if she might be feeling unwell and decided to turn down what ever that was written on the menu.

Meanwhile a few people on social media have agreed that the young man is a stingy man.

Here are screenshots of various reactions. 


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