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Nigerians Mixed Reacts After Lady Got Drunk And Was Carried By A Mechanic

Youths find pleasure in many juvenile activities such as drinks, parties, smoke, drugs, and sleeping around. While others engage in such activity as a form of pleasure others do it because they are depressed and have to make ends meet, no doubt many soul have been wasted and rendered useless by such unguided behaviour. 

It is alarming that many things is now taken for granted unlike the days of our fathers who would do what they can just to have a descent life and grow old with no regrets bearing it in their mind that they did their possible best and leave the rest for God to handle. But the society doesn't seem to be getting better, instead the younger generation are engaging in bad behaviour that might endanger their life in the nearest future.

Just recently, the photo of a young lady went viral, as she was seen and reported helpless on social media. The young lady was drunk and intoxicated, no doubt if the girl can even work with how tired and sleepy she looks. Many of us knows the danger of being drunk, such a person can be raped, can be used as ritual sacrifice and also kidnapped hereby demanding large sum for bail. 

Fortunately for the young lady she was carried by a mechanic and they boarded a bike since she was unable to carry herself, many people have different opinions why the young man helped the girl but it is clear he is trying to be of help. From the man at her back it is clear he is a mechanic who might know her and want to help.

Reactions sparked online as the photo surfaced online, where many drop their point of views and contributions, check people's comment to the post below:

What do you think is likely to happen to this lady? Drop your opinion and contributions in the comment section, also like and share this post with others.

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