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See What Nigerians Noticed After The Photos Of Two Armed Robbers Was Posted Online

Nobody want to be viewed as an armed robber neither do we want our name to be tarnished for something illegal, we can't bare the shame we pass through if we commit any crime. Nevertheless, it is advisable we stay out of trouble of trouble else we are used as example of dishonour it private and public places like social media. 

The photos of two young men surfaced online, and a question was asked what they noticed about the photo, the men were seen with guns and they were being handcuffed by the police. Something doesn't seem to be right with the photos as Nigerians share the fault they could noticed in the photo.

Some said the men could run since they were handcuffed at the front and not back and also they could carry the gun and shoot. See screenshots below.

What do you think about their observation? Share your opinion and contributions in the comment section below.


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