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She is always insulting people, I wanted her to know that nobody has a monopoly of madness- Momodu on Onochie

Aide to president Buhari on social media, Lauretta Onochie may have chosen the wrong person to attack for saying the publisher of Ovation magazine, Chief Dele Momodu, is not getting any financial benefits from the president that is why he chose to say the president has failed. 

Chief Momodu who called madam lauretta a scavenger in an earlier reaction reiterated what he said when he appeared on Plus politics today. 

When asked if he actually called madam Lauretta a scavenger or he was being misquoted? 

Chief Momodu said, "well I don’t think that its a big news except that anyone who knows madam Lauretta know that she is a very troublesome woman. So my description of her is very appropriate. When I say scavenger, there are scavengers always at the corridors of power, that also is nothing new. She is fond of insulting people, and I wanted her to know that nobody has a monopoly of madness. So that’s why I responded appropriately."

When asked how insulting he considered the import of the statement made by madam Lauretta? 

He said, “that was not the main insult. The main insult is to say that those of us criticizing Buhari are doing so because we have not been paid money.

I don’t want to use fowl language, there is nothing more insulting. Where was she when we were using our hard earned money on promoting Buhari. Till today go and check my Instagram and Twitter page, I promote Buhari despite my criticism of him. 

There is no Nigerian who does that in his private capacity without being paid a penny. She should go and ask if I have ever collected any penny from 2014 till date from Buhari or anybody working for Buhari. So to say we are angry because we are not being paid is the height of the insult.” 


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