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Tragedy: Okada Riders Reveal Corps Member Who Hacked Man To Death Deals In Hard Drugs

Okada Riders Reveals Corps Member Who Hacked Man To Death Deals With Hard Drugs

Princess Odume, a graduate of the University of Nigeria and serving corps member, who allegedly hacked a man to death with a Cutlass has been arrested.

However, after the incident, she was said to have attempted to scale the fence with the Cutlass she used in killing the boyfriend, but unfortunately for her, the neighbors foiled her plans and got her beaten up until she was later arrested.

An eyewitness who shared the sad incident revealed that the lady in question has been a drug user as she claims the okada riders who princess usually send on errands acknowledged that they often time help princess purchase the popular hard drug, Igbo(Weed) in the neighborhood.

This means the suspect might be high on drugs when she committed the heinous crime and now a soul is gone through her simply because of alleged drug abuse.

It is just unfortunate that a living soul like her have hope of living a better life, despite the atrocity she committed, but the guy she killed is gone without hope and will be likely forgotten in a matter of days.

Please be careful about the kind of relationship you keep and don't do drugs.

Source: Sahara Reporters


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