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Update: All students should be aware of this recent information on school resumption as COVID-19 cases rise.

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The Coronavirus which was responsible for a lot of happenings around the country in 2020 has continued to make waves in this new year 2021.

Reports of a new and even deadly strain of the Virus have been circulating the media space all over the world.

Many people have become victims of the terrible effects of the Virus on the economy, social life, education, and other areas of life.

The victims of the deadly virus experience even more danger as the virus try to squeeze their life force out of them.

The ones who live to testify about their experience with the deadly virus have recalled their experience as being excruciatingly painful.

The ignorance of the presence and effects of the virus and the refusal to want to collect the vaccine for the virus is still present in many countries, including America.

Many still believe it is a hoax spread by the government in conjunction with health officials. However, this is not true as many people are dying daily and are truly suffering from the Virus.

The global pandemic has affected many things including business, social life, and so on. Education is also at the mercy of the pandemic as many students have been out of school for almost 1 year running. The second wave of the pandemic will also make it hard for students to go back to school as revealed by the government.

Though a resumption date of 18th January 2021 was announced, the government has reviewed the current state of things and has given some updates concerning school resumption.

Below are some vital announcements that all students whether secondary, primary, or tertiary should be aware of concerning school resumption. 

*PTF update on school resumption 

On the 11th of January in Abuja, a joint national briefing of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 was held in which the minister of education, Adamu Adamu was in attendance. The rising cases of Covid-19 infections were discussed and the school resumption date was also discussed.

In the meeting, the minister of education said concerning school resumption that, "Even today at the PTF meeting, we looked at the rising figures and thought we should probably take another look at it. On the Jan.18, 2021 date for schools resumption, we are reviewing it." 

This indicates that the January 18th resumption date which was announced by the PTF in 2020 is subject to change.

*ASUU stance on varsity resumption

 Chapters of the educational body have insisted that they are against the resumption of schools without adequate guidelines to protect against the virus.

The body claimed that though the workers are ready to go back to work, the government has not provided adequate material supply to prevent the spread of the virus which is in line with the PTF guidelines, PunchNews reports.

They have also urged parents to call for adequate preparation of schools before students are allowed to resume academic activities.

Different ASUU unions in various states mostly concluded that their schools are not ready for resumption. UniLag will be deciding a virtual meeting among senate members on the 13th of this month to decide on the school resumption date.

*Schools that have announced resumption dates

FUTA: According to Premium Times, FUTA will be resuming on the 18th of January 2020. The students were required to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines and wear face masks.

UI Resumption date-The current date for the resumption of fresh students in UI is May 5th. The UI academic calendar is a bit different from other universities' calendars.

UNIPORT: UNIPORT has given their official resumption date to be January 27. The school reportedly purchased over 400 thermometers and has said that COVID-19 prevention measures have been put in place in classrooms.

As at the time this post was made, many other schools like Yabatech, UNILAG, ABU, and so on have not given any date on school resumption and are expected to do so soon.

What do you think about this important piece of information? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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