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10yrs Ago, His Mum Gave Him Her Last 25K To Learn DJ Work, Today He Is A Millionaire, Bought Car For His Mum

The story of this young man is particularly a very inspiring one, a story about a young man who had a dream, and at the same time had a mother who was ready to believe in his dream. Not just believing in his dreams, but she was ready to sacrifice her last dime to make that dream come true.

How often do we see talented young people roaming the streets without an anchor to hold on to, or without anyone to believe in them? And when we see such people, the thing that usually comes to our mind is - if only these people had a little push, probably they would have been better off in life than that.

But DJ Kaywise story is a bit different from that. Born on August 4th, 1992, in Lagos, DJ Kaywise is one of the finest disc jockeys Nigeria can boast of. With original name Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki, the young man has won himself a handful of awards and recognition, including City People Music Award for DJ of the Year (Male), and has also been nominated for Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award for Best Nigeria VDJ.

With all these successes he has amassed in his blossoming career, DJ Kaywise does not fail to tell people that his story is a story of grass to grace. The path to success was not always an easy ride, but was full of challenges and difficulties. But he never gave up, because he knew that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

At some point in his life, DJ Kaywise was hawking mixtapes on the streets, but today the story has changed for him for good.

He is a demonstration that no bad condition lasts forever, and for every young hustler out there, if you keep working hard and believing in yourself, light will shine through the tunnel for you someday. He is a proof that good things always come to those who are ready to make sacrifices to reach their goals.

And today, that young man who used to hawk mixtapes on the streets a few years ago is now an ambassador for one of the biggest brands in the country. A day ago, DJ Kaywise took to his social media handles to celebrate his win with his fans and do some giveaway for them. The gestures came after disclosing to his fans that he has won himself a juicy deal as a brand ambassador for Goldberg Lager.

After that, DJ Kaywise shared a little story which came as a huge inspiration to many people. He said that his mother will be doing thanksgiving in church on Sunday to celebrate his endorsement. After that, he added that ten years ago, his mother gave him her last twenty-five thousand naira to go and train as a DJ, but today he is now a brand ambassador for one of the biggest names in Nigeria. And as we already know, such mouthwatering endorsements come with a handful of millions attached.

For those who follow DJ Kaywise on social media, you would know that his mother holds a very special place in his heart. And he makes use of every opportunity tell her how much he loves her, and appreciate her for everything she has done for him. He calls his mother "The love of my life."

On his mother's birthday last year, DJ Kaywise surprised his mother with a brand new car. Merely looking at the car, you would see that it cost him several millions to acquire that, even though he did not state how much the car was worth. His mother couldn't contain the excitement when she was led outside to see the surprise package. And that day, she blessed him and asked God to continue uplifting him.

DJ Kaywise's relationship with his mother should be a lesson to every mother and child out there. A lesson to mothers to always support the dreams of their children no matter the sacrifices they are required to make. And a lesson to every child out there to always appreciate their mothers for the sacrifices they made for them to be where they are today.

There is a saying that sorrow only endures for a night, but joy always comes in the morning. Those words have never lost their relevance for generations now. No matter the challenges we face in our daily struggles in life, the story of this young man should encourage us to believe that joy will surely come in the morning.

Last year, DJ Kaywise bought the heart of millions of Nigerians when he compiled a mixtape for the protest against SARS and police brutality, which was called Revolution Mix Vol. 1. The mixtape was meant to revive the energy of the youths as they marched the streets to clamour for better governance. The mixtape spoke against violation of human rights, bad governance, injustice and other ills in Nigeria. It is not a surprise that the young man is one of Nigeria's favourite disc jockeys.

I pray that may the grace that follows this young man and catapulted him from grass to become someone that millions of people can reckon with will also follow every legitimate young hustler out there. May our own turning point never cease to come at the time it is meant to come. And may God give our parents long life so that they will live and enjoy the dividends of their sacrifices for us.

What do you think about this young man's story?

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