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After Kanu's Secretary Petitioned US For Excluding Igbo and Including Hausa and Yoruba Language In FLTA, 719 People Have Signed It

Recently there was a call in form of petition made by Kanu's secretary, Carolyn Uchenna Okoroafor which she complained that Igbo Language was excluded from the Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) in the US schools; where as Hausa and Yoruba were included.

FLTA is a program that supports the teaching of different foreign languages to America Students in the US schools. This was why the US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria announced last week that they needed Yoruba and Hausa teachers to teach the languages in US schools; but it was unfortunate that Igbo language Igbo language was not included.

This particular issue really affected the moods of so many Igbo indigenes especially Carolyn Uchenna Okoroafor, who is acting in the capacity of a principal secretary to the proscribed IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Being so sad about this neglect, Carolyn has put up a petition, and through her Twitter handle, has called out the good people of Igbo origin to come to the aid of what she called "Marginalization and decriminalization" by signing the petition and retweeting it as well.

Trust Igbo when it comes to things like this, everyone knows that any average Igbo will be ready to sign this kind of petition.

Being so overwhelmed by people's support, Carolyn has taken to her Twitter to share the number of people that have signed the petition. According to her post, she revealed that about 719 people have already signed the petition in just few hours after the call. This is really giving her the impression that her efforts may actually yield positive result soon.

But come to think of it, I believe any political animal especially the Igbo type, must react to this kind of issue, as it really seems like a decriminalization or marginalization just as Carolyn called it.

But who knows if the US Government forgot to include Igbo, or do they have any other reason for that?🤷 Which ever way, I also call on the US Government to include Igbo Language in the program since Hausa and Yoruba have been included, because no one can talk of Nigeria without mentioning the Igbo.

Please what is your opinion on this?

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