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After She Had S€x With A Guy She Met On Social Media, See What She Found In His Room And Reactions

One of the basics of social media is to meet new people and make friends as well, many get the love of their lives via the Internet and finally get married. 

But nothing is good in this universe without getting a bad hand. The negative side that we should hope not to happen to us, see how her life was almost destroyed by the bad side of making friends on social media.

The lady known on Twitter as @Reddushwine3 told how she might have contacted HIV virus through a single s*x with a guy he fell in love with on social media.

The pretty lady clarified that on social media in December 2019, he met the person, and eventually got in love with each other, they were so in love to the point that for many hours they would talk lately at night.

The guy also does the required stuff most ladies love apart from the talking, as he sent her money for hair and gave her weekly allowance. And she was justified by her instinct that she should have met such a good guy before.

Fortunately for both of them, Valentine was approaching, and both of them agreed to meet each other. The lady travelled to Abuja to meet him, and trust ladies, she claimed she dressed very well and look stunning with her beautiful hairstyle.

Because of the long trip, and the tension, on the day they both met, they just k*ss each other and slept. The following morning, since it's a Valentine's celebration day, they went out as two lovers.

They both returned home, according to the lady, and decided to have an affair without using any protection not until the lady demanded a protective object to be used (c*nd*m), and after that day, she continues to conduct all activities as a wife.

And one day when he was cleaning the room he saw a drug container and asked the guy what he was using it for, which he later told her was a vitamin drug container. But the lady was still not all right with the answer, called her friend who is a pharmacy, and the pharmacist revealed that it was an art that is an HIV drug.

She just appreciated God that she never had an unprotected s*x with the guy. Now, what caused the controversy is that the guy has been calling her to come around again in this coming valentine, and she was asking Nigerians what she should do?

Do you think she should go and ask him to do test to confirm, or she shouldn't answer him.

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