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An Open Letter To Reverend Father Mbaka To Address The ESN Just As Gumi Did With The Bandits

Dear Reverend Mbaka;

The situation of the country is becoming increasingly dangerous, in terms of ethnic discrimination and conflicts which has been going on in the country lately. The case of banditry and other criminal activities which is being perpetuated in the country has caused a lot of death and destruction to the country's development.

Despite the fact that this very issue of insecurity doesn't have anything to do with your field of work, their is still a way you can contribute in reducing the crisis in the country. With all due respect sir, recall that an Islamic cleric, 'Gumi' once met with bandits few days ago on a peace dialogue, to discuss how the case of insecurity being caused by these bandits could be brought to an end and as well promote peace and ethnic tolerance in the country.

In a reference to this, the bandits and the fulani cattle herders are not only part of the crisis going on in the country, as the Eastern Security Network group which is operating down here in the East is also part of the crisis.

With all due respect to you sir as an honorable cleric who is also from the Eastern region, I had believed that a prominent personality like you ought to have called the members or representatives of this ESN together on a peace dialogue just like 'Gumi' a northern cleric did with the bandits.

It is true that the sole aim of this group was mainly to protect the Eastern region, but the violence and the crisis that has resulted from their actions seem to have contributed to the ill situation of the country.

As a Christian and an Igbo man who wants peace to reign, I believe that you would never support settling a dispute with violence, therefore calling these ESN group together and addressing them towards settling this issue in peace, will result in a positive outcome and as well contribute to the growth of the country.

An open letter to Reverend Mbaka from an igbo man who wants peace to reign in the country.

What is your take on my submission, do you agree with me, or do you have a better suggestion?

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