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February Ends Today, Read These Promises Of God Over You And Your Family In March.

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Do you know how much God Loves you? God has a blessing packaged for everyone of us and his promises never fails in our life. Many started this year with us but they are no where to be found but God has kept you alive. Isn't he faithful. It is good when you declare his promises over your life and your family in secret place of prayer.

Many are now in six feet but here you are today enjoying Good health. Don't forget to spend some moment of prayer this morning before you step out.

Declare his promises over your life and family everyday and see how things will turn around for your favour. Declare the promise of Psalm 91 everyday over her business, family and life.

The devil has rearrange the destiny of many people that they are confused on what to be in life but God can Give You direction today

You shall never die before your time! And God will always send his angel to guide your life. God promises is free so don't be scared of declaring it continuously over yourself.

Here are passage God's promises that you to study and declare continually.

2 Pet 1:4 

Jere 29:11 

Matthew 11:28-29 

Isaiah 40:29-31

God that kept you alive alive and healthy since January will never leave or forsake you. He shall keep you and your family till the end of 2021 and beyond. Amen.

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