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Forget Jubril Of Sudan, Meet The Look - Alike Of President Muhammadu Buhari, Who Is A Politician

It is normally believed that you might have a look alike somewhere in some part of the world, and never get to meet him or her. Look alike maybe be related to you or not, they might be in same part of the world with you, but in a different part in other cases. We have seen look alike of some great people with the likes of Lionel Messi, Bill gates and Even Cristiano Ronaldo.

Photo of Cristiano Look Alike.

Photo of Lionel Messi look alike.

There are also other iconic people who have look alikes scattered all over the world, including you. So having a look alike is not an abomination.

Well in today's epistle I would be introducing the look alike of the President of Nigeria. President Muhammad Buhari.

The Name of his look alike is Fatihu Muhammad, he is one of the close relative to the president, he is the president's nephew.

He is a well known politician and is more popular because of his close look with the President. Honourable Fatihu Muhammad is the current member, representing Daura, Sandamu and Mai'adua federal constituency.

Rumors stating that the president look alike is someone named Jubril in Sudan, would quickly shut when the see this amazing look alike of the president. So in these article today , I would be giving you some pictures of him, that would make you mistake him for the president.

Below Are Photos of The President Look Alike

He is also the Chairman of Fatihu Muhammad Foundation.

This Particular picture below is one iconic one, it was taken during an empowerment program in Daura, where he gave out some support materials to the needy.

This is Fatihu Muhammad's official portrait as the member representing Daura, Sandamu and Mai'adua federal constituency.

Photo of Him With The President.

What do you think about the President's look alike? Have you seen yours. Please drop your opinions in the comment section and ensure you like and share for loved ones.

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