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Here Are 4 Things Ladies Love in Men but May Not Tell You

You have to be very sensitive when dealing with ladies, because they prefer to communicate indirectly, using emotional cues, rather than expressing themselves directly. That explains why there are some things that ladies love in men, but may not tell you. And if you are not very sensitive, you may never discover these things.

In this article, I will be showing you four things that ladies love in men, but may not tell you.

1. Bald head

Men usually think that ladies don’t like it when a man has bald head, but the truth is, baldness is one of the things that ladies find attractive in men. Most ladies believe that men that have bald head usually look more manly than those that don’t have, and that explains why they find it very attractive. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a bald head, you should now go and destroy your hairline, every man is special in his own way.

2. Moustache

Moustache is another thing that ladies love in men, but most men don’t pay attention to it. Ladies find moustache more attractive than beards, because they believe that moustache can easily get them in the mood, when a man is going down on them, and that explains why they love it and appreciate men that have it.

3. Deep voice

Ladies usually have a crush on men that have deep voice, some ladies have even revealed that men that have deep voice easily get them in the mood whenever they talk. So, if you have a deep voice as a man, you should know that you have lots of secret admirers around you. And they are ready to do anything possible just to get you to speak to them or ask them out.

4. Confidence

This is another thing that ladies love in men but may not tell you about. Ladies love confident men, men that can work into any room majestically, and get the attention of everyone else in the room, men that are confident enough to speak in public. Ladies find this particular trait very attractive in men, and luckily for you, if you don’t have it as a man, it’s something you can develop. You can improve your level of self-confidence, so that ladies can also find you attractive.

Here are the things that ladies love in men but may not tell you.

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